RTI International sponsors Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit

Conference examines solutions to youth employment crisis

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC—RTI International is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit for the seventh year in a row. The 10th year anniversary Summit takes place September 28-30, 2016 in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. With nearly half of all youth worldwide not in school or employed, the conference will examine how the international development community can address the challenges of this youth employment crisis and achieve results at scale.

“RTI is proud to work with Making Cents to bring together experts across the youth workforce development field to discuss and develop ways to prepare young people to thrive in the global economy,” said Andrew Baird, program director, workforce and economic opportunities at RTI.

Specifically, RTI is sponsoring the Workforce Development track of the Summit, which will examine how to integrate young people in the labor market and prepare them for jobs and careers. Program highlights include:

A trusted leader in international development, RTI supports comprehensive workforce development interventions and research throughout the United States and internationally, connecting job seekers to jobs and helping to create employment opportunities for women, youth, and disadvantaged populations in developing countries around the world.

RTI leads the Global Center for Youth Employment, a 43-member virtual learning and action center that seeks to leverage and promote empirical research and cutting-edge, evidence-based and evidence-producing practices aimed at significantly improving the worldwide employment of youth. Partners include workforce development experts from universities, NGOs, foundations, and the private sector.

Earlier this year, the the Global Center for Youth Employment partnered with the Ground Truth Project to launch YouthVoices, a digital story telling platform allowing young people to tell their own stories to a global audience. More than 400 entries later, YouthVoices has formed a partnership with the Huffington Post to shine a spotlight on the most compelling and thought-provoking submissions in a new online feature, "Ambition Interrupted: 35 millennials worldwide who just want to find meaningful work". By helping youth share their stories with the world, the campaign seeks to change the perspectives of policy makers, compel public action and ultimately connect more young people to jobs.