RTI International Announced Partnership for Data Revolution for Development with Sragen and Serdang Bedagai Regencies

Jakarta- RTI International announced an official partnership on Data Revolution for Development (DRD) with the Regent of Sragen and Serdang Bedagai regencies, witnessed by the Central Government, represented by Dr. Yanuar Nugroho Ph.D. from the Presidential Staff Office.

This collaboration between RTI International and both central and local government is the first step of all parties’ commitment to improve the economic growth, social, education, and quality of life in Indonesia. As an application of DRD movement in education sector, RTI  will jointly develop a prototype that combines data from multiple sources, enabling more timely and effective decision-making and leading to improved responsiveness for citizens. 

Innovative use of data in the government can open up greater opportunities to create better evidence-based policy making. This technology can also generate innovations that strengthen the government performance.

Big Contribution of Data Revolution in Education Sector

After the announcement, RTI International will play its role as a technical advisor in implementing this DRD concept in the education field to support education equity nationwide starting from two (2) chosen kabupaten; Sragen, Central Java, and Serdang Bedagai, North Sumatra.

"We are proud to be working with the Regents and Government of Sragen and Serdang Bedagai in this program. We are very optimistic that Bupati Yuni, Bupati Soekirman and Bapak Yanuar Nugroho will continue their commitments to improve public services through a data-based decision making, particularly to the education sector this time," said Luis Crouch, Chief Technical Officer, International Development Group, RTI International in the press conference.

On the same occasion, Dr. Yanuar Nugroho Ph.D., as Deputy Chief of Staff for Analysis and Oversight of Strategic Issues on Social, Cultural, and Ecological Affairs welcomed the initiative and RTI's commitment to develop a data-driven prototype that leads to more timely and effective decision-making and improved responsiveness to citizens needs in the education sector. "The importance and urgency for data and evidence-based policy making is relevant not only for central government but also for the local governments. Why? This is because the actual development happens at the local (city and municipal) level. Moreover, the role of local governments is actually of paramount importance in ensuring the accuracy of data for the central government. Accurate and reliable data for decision making at the central government, which are mostly the aggregate of the data from local governments, can only be achieved if the data coming from cities and municipals are accurate and reliable," he explained.

Research and Innovation for Indonesia

Given extensive potential and the endless possibilities of using data revolution for development in Indonesia, RTI International, one of the world’s leading research institutes, will continue to bring together leading thinkers, practitioners, and policy makers to offer their insights on how data can help further Indonesia’s development, the latest DRD innovations, and the next steps under the current DRD framework.

Through this collaboration with Serdang Bedagai and Sragen, RTI International hopes to illustrate how data can be applied to the education sector to improve policy planning using data science and domain expertise.


  • The Government of Indonesia is committed to accelerate sustainable development with education as one of the primary focus area
  • Data Revolution for Development (DRD) initiative helps to achieve sustainable development goals through innovative use of data for better policymaking
  • RTI International implements DRD through technical assistance on managing and harnessing data for local government across Indonesia