Introductory Epidemiology Textbook Goes to Second Edition

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – An introductory textbook on epidemiology written by RTI International Distinguished Fellow Kenneth J. Rothman, Dr.P.H., has been published in its second edition.

Epidemiology: An Introduction offers a straightforward and thorough overview of the core principles of epidemiology, a scientific discipline that unites the social and biological sciences in its objective to study the distribution and causes of health events.

Rather than focusing on formulas or dogma, this widely-used text uses a unified approach to provide readers with the necessary foundation for understanding epidemiological research.

Considered an essential introduction to the field of study, the book is well suited for students in introductory courses as well as early-career professionals.

In addition to a comprehensive revision of the text, the book includes access to an online companion website, which features free downloads and expert answers to chapter questions.

Rothman, who is vice president of epidemiologic research at RTI Health Solutions, has focused his career on the development and teaching of the concepts and methods of epidemiologic research. His research has spanned a wide range of health problems, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurologic disease, birth defects, injuries, environmental exposures and adverse effects of pharmaceutical agents.

Epidemiology: An Introduction is published by Oxford University Press and can be purchased on leading bookseller websites.

Cover of Epidemiology: An Introduction


  • Epidemiology: An Introduction has been published in its second edition
  • The book was written by Kenneth J. Rothman, Dr.P.H., an RTI International distinguished fellow
  • The widely-used book is considered an essential introduction to the field of study
  • Published by Oxford University Press, the book can be purchased on leading bookseller websites