RTI International Partners with Bertie County Schools to Transform North Carolina’s Teacher Compensation Models

January 22, 2019

RTI International will partner with Bertie County Schools (NC) as part of their 2019 Teacher Compensation Models and Advanced Teaching Roles award from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Through the “Bertie THRIVEs: Teachers Raising Instructional Voice and Excellence” program, RTI International will provide support in program implementation, teacher coaching, culture leadership, and continuous improvement.

“It is very exciting for Bertie County to be selected for this grant. We are honored to be thought partners and implementation specialists with Bertie County Schools to help the vision become reality,” said Dr. Angela Quick, director of RTI’s Center for Education Services. “RTI will bridge research to practice; and practice to research, helping to see the project through planning, designing teacher professional development, and working with other entities and stakeholders.”

“We are also excited to collaborate with the other partners in this endeavor,” she added. These partners include Elizabeth City State University, Hope Street Group, Best NC, and the National Center for Teacher Residencies.

Bertie County’s program creates more chances for students to have access to excellent teachers. “By focusing on new opportunities for staff growth and development from within, Bertie is ‘walking the walk’ in terms of commitment to current teachers,” Quick concluded.

Bertie County Schools Superintendent Dr. Catherine Edmonds said, “This is a game-changer for Bertie County. We have national entities that are going to work with us to help provide our teachers with a unique opportunity to be inspired in a new way, and to earn new credentials that can lead to higher pay, without having to pursue an administrative role in education.”

Bertie County is the lead pilot program and is paving the way for the model to be implemented in Northampton County (NC), which has a similar staff, student make-up, and size.

For more information on the RTI Center for Education Services visit: https://www.rti.org/centers/education-services