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Vision enhancing system

A sight-facilitating apparatus is provided capable of providingmagnifications of about 4X to 8X in an aesthetically pleasingmanner. An elongated casing has a light entry at one portionthereof and a light exit at an opposite portion thereof. Aprismatic telescopic lens system including an objective, an ocular,and the like is mounted within the casing so that light enteringthe casing throught the light entry passes through the lens systemand exits the light exit, with provision for adjusting the focus ofthe lens system. The objective is mounted within the casing so thatthe majority of the focal length thereof extends parallel to thedirection of elongation of the casing, the light from the firstoptical element of the lens system being directed along thedirection of elongation of the casing. The casing is preferablymounted on top of or incorporated into an eyeglass frame, betweenthe ear pieces, so that the direction of elongation of the casingextends substantially horizontally between the wearer's eyes, withthe light exit adjacent a wearer's eye. The wearer may look throughthe eyeglass lenses and then by tilting his/her eyes with respectto his/her head an angle of about 10.degree., look through thelight exit.


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