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Three dimensional multimode and optical coupling devices

Three dimensional electronic and optical coupling devices thatare capable of providing high speed coupling over a large frequencyrange while limiting the amount of space consumption in thecommunications network. An optical or electrical coupling devicecomprises a first substrate and a second substrate adjacent to thefirst substrate having one or more optical waveguides ormicrostrips formed thereon. The substrates will have disposedthereon conductive microstrips and/or dielectric elements. The oneor more optical waveguides or microstrips formed on the firstsubstrate correspond to at least one optical waveguides ormicrostrips formed on the second substrate so as to facilitateoptical coupling between the corresponding waveguides. Precisespacing between the substrates and precise spacing between theoptical waveguides or microstrips facilitate the requisiteoptical/RF coupling.


Roberson, M., Deane, PA., & Williams, CK. (2005). IPC No. U.S. Three dimensional multimode and optical coupling devices. (Patent No. 6906598).