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The Standard Intervention for Reduction in HIV Risk Behavior


Wechsberg, W., MacDonald, B. R., Dennis, M. L., Inciardi, J. A., Surratt, H. L., Leukefeld, C. G., ... Zule, W. (1997). The Standard Intervention for Reduction in HIV Risk Behavior: Protocol Changes Suggested by the Continuing HIV/AIDS Epidemic. Bloomington, IL: Chestnut Health Systems/Lighthouse Institute.


This manual describes advances in the Standard Intervention developed by the Cooperative Agreement for AIDS Community-Based Outreach and Intervention Research funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

The Revised Standard Intervention addresses these issues:
- More Specific Instructions for Outreach Workers
- Forms for Monitoring Outreach
- Descriptions of Prepackaged Hygiene Kits and Other Materials
- Revised Cue Cards
- General Guidelines for Crisis Intervention (In situations in which a client has been informed that s/he is seropositive)