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Sexual Receptivity and Exhaustion in Female Golden Hamster

The duration of sexual receptivity of estrous female golden hamsters is directly related to both the amount of stimulation received from the male and the time from the onset of stimulation. Receptivity, as measured by lordosis duration, is highest in unmated females and declines following mating. If sufficient stimulation is received females will become totally unreceptive within two hr. If time separates each mating, less stimulation is required to inhibit lordosis. As the incidence of lordosis decreases, the probability of fighting increases.


Carter Porges, C., & Schein, MW. (1971). Sexual Receptivity and Exhaustion in Female Golden Hamster. Hormones and Behavior, 2(3), 191-200. https://doi.org/10.1016/0018-506X(71)90016-X