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Sexual Performance Levels of Male Japanese-Quail (Coturnix-Coturnix-Japonica)

Sexual performance levels of twenty-five male Japanese quail presented with new females after each copulation were measured until each reached an arbitrary satiation criterion of no sexual behaviour during twenty consecutive minutes. Sexual activity was most frequent within the first 5 min of observation. The males averaged about three copulations per male (range 0 to 9) before reaching satiation, but experienced males with experienced females were more efficient (in terms of latency to perform and success of initial approaches) than were inexperienced males with inexperienced females. Observations also suggested that the behaviour of the female is an important determinant governing sexual performance levels of males.


Schein, MW., Diamond, M., & Carter Porges, C. (1972). Sexual Performance Levels of Male Japanese-Quail (Coturnix-Coturnix-Japonica). Animal Behaviour, 20(1), 61-67. https://doi.org/10.1016/S0003-3472(72)80173-8