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School Readiness & the Transition to Kindergarten in the Era of Accountability

The follow-up to Pianta & Cox's groundbreaking The Transition to Kindergarten, this book updates readers on what's happened in early childhood education in the past seven years; clarifies influential changes in demographics, policies, and practices; and describes promising early education programs and policies.

More than 30 highly respected experts give readers the latest information on the most important topics surrounding early childhood education and kindergarten transition. Armed with this knowledge, administrators, program directors, and researchers will

- make the most of learning opportunities in early childhood classrooms

- build stronger connections between early childhood and elementary education programs

- work to close racial and ethnic gaps in school readiness

- understand health, emotion regulation, neurological development, and other factors that affect school readiness and academic success

- address the challenges faced by English language learners

A necessary resource for anyone with a role in shaping early education, this book will help readers develop programs that answer the demands of our high-pressure era of accountability—and start the youngest students on the road to school success.


Pianta, RC., Cox, MJ., & Snow, K. (2007). School Readiness & the Transition to Kindergarten in the Era of Accountability. Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc.