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Revised FIGO staging for carcinoma of the cervix uteri

OBJECTIVE: To revise FIGO staging of carcinoma of the cervix uteri, allowing incorporation of imaging and/or pathological findings, and clinical assessment of tumor size and disease extent.

METHODS: Review of literature and consensus view of the FIGO Gynecologic Oncology Committee and related societies and organizations.

RESULTS: In stage I, revision of the definition of microinvasion and lesion size as follows. Stage IA: lateral extension measurement is removed; stage IB has three subgroups-stage IB1: invasive carcinomas ≥5 mm and <2 cm in greatest diameter; stage IB2: tumors 2-4 cm; stage IB3: tumors ≥4 cm. Imaging or pathology findings may be used to assess retroperitoneal lymph nodes; if metastatic, the case is assigned stage IIIC; if only pelvic lymph nodes, the case is assigned stage IIIC1; if para-aortic nodes are involved, the case is assigned stage IIIC2. Notations 'r' and 'p' will indicate the method used to derive the stage-i.e., imaging or pathology, respectively-and should be recorded. Routine investigations and other methods (e.g., examination under anesthesia, cystoscopy, proctoscopy, etc.) are not mandatory and are to be recommended based on clinical findings and standard of care.

CONCLUSION: The revised cervical cancer staging is applicable to all resource levels. Data collection and publication will inform future revisions.


Bhatla, N., Berek, J. S., Cuello Fredes, M., Denny, L. A., Grenman, S., Karunaratne, K., ... Natarajan, J. (2019). Revised FIGO staging for carcinoma of the cervix uteri. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, 145(1), 129-135. https://doi.org/10.1002/ijgo.12749