• Conference Proceeding

A review of desulfurization in gasification systems


Cicero, D., Gupta, R., Turk, B., & Simbeck, D. (2003). A review of desulfurization in gasification systems. In 20th Annual International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, 15 Sep 2003,.


Removal of reduced sulfur species (e.g. H2S, COS, CS2) from synthesis gases
produced by gasification of carbonaceous fuels has been of significant importance to
the further development of advanced gasification systems. These coal- and petroleum
coke- derived gaseous fuels contain these sulfur species at volume fractions as high as
two percent. Sulfur contamination in the fuel stream is detrimental to powergeneration
components such as combustion turbines and fuel cell anodes as well as
being poisonous to downstream processing steps prior to delivering a diverse product
slate. Furthermore, combustion products of sulfur in exhaust streams are damaging to
the environment. Methods of controlling or removing these detrimental gas
components have been explored, developed, and commercially deployed since the mid
twentieth century. This review paper will discuss the status of these earlier,
commercially available systems and their recent abilities. Also reviewed will be the
recent investigations of higher temperature desulfurization schemes and process
developments. Such new gas cleaning approaches offer an attractive option from
process and economic standpoints.