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Reporting on the first national bioethics conference

The First National Bioethics Conference, November 25-27, 2005 (NBC, 2005), organised by the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME), brought together a diverse group of organisations and individuals in an effort to give a platform for bioethics discourse from across the country. The conference was organised around four issues: ethical challenges in HIV/AIDS; ethics of life and death in the era of high-tech health care; ethical responsibilities in violence, conflict and religious strife; and ethics and equity in clinical trials. Three cross-cutting themes that emerged during discussions were ethical challenges in biomedical and social science research, ethical responsibilities of clinical care providers, and the intersections of bioethics and public health/clinical medicine.


Ramanathan, M., Krishnan, S., & Bhan, A. (2006). Reporting on the first national bioethics conference. Indian journal of medical ethics, III(1).