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Reforming teacher deployment in Indonesia

This paper reports on a mixed-method, multiple-site study of teacher deployment in Indonesian primary schools. Results from a sample of 23 districts were analysed at district and national level. Substantial disparities in teacher distribution were found in all districts, between schools, between sub-districts and between specialist subjects. Two main issues emerged: uneven teacher distribution and small schools. The study found that a policy research approach which addresses political and cultural, as well as technical, dimensions at sub-national level can succeed in improving teacher deployment where previous efforts have failed.


Heyward, M., Hadiwijaya, A. S., Mahargianto, & Priyono, E. (2017). Reforming teacher deployment in Indonesia. Journal of Development Effectiveness, 9(2), 245-262. https://doi.org/10.1080/19439342.2017.1301978