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Referenced Review Questions in Pharmacogenomics

The application of pharmacogenomic principles to medication use is beginning to radically change the way drugs are selected and monitored. Those who wish to evaluate their knowledge in the basics of the subject and in applications such as drug selection and drug avoidance will therefore find Referenced Review Questions in Pharmacogenomics an invaluable guide to this rapidly evolving field.

The book features three sections:
- Questions
- Answers and Explanation
- References (provided as a basis for the answers and to encourage the reader to review the references and expand his/her knowledge or area of expertise)

The Questions section is further subdivided into the following topics: The Basics; Cytochrome P450s and Other Enzymes; Receptors; N-Acetyl Transferases; Asthma and Other Pulmonary Diseases; Neurology; Antimicrobials and Infectious Disease; Immunology; Oncology; Analgesics, Sedatives, Hypnotics, and Anesthetics; Psychiatry; Antiinflammatory Drugs; Oral Hypoglycemics; Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase; Anticoagulants; Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Other Gastrointestinal Drugs; Bone and Mineral Metabolism; and Cardiovascular Drugs. A large portion of the specific information on individual drugs is derived from the pharmaceutical industry, which performs the majority of the pharmacogenomics testing as part of pre-market approval.

Because the emerging concept of personalized medicine is placing significant demands on physicians and on pharmacists in particular, they-as well as academic and practicing clinical chemists and pathologists who have an interest in pharmacogenomics-will find Referenced Review Questions in Pharmacogenomics especially useful. Technologists and other healthcare professionals who have an interest in molecular medicine and who would like to broaden their professional horizons will also find this text enlightening.


White, R., & Bukaveckas, BL. (2007). Referenced Review Questions in Pharmacogenomics. Washington, DC: AACC Press.