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Process for desulfurizing hydrocarbon fuels and fuel components

Processes are disclosed for removing sulfur, including cyclicand polycyclic organic sulfur components such as thiophenes andbenzothiophenes, from a hydrocarbon feedstock including fuels andfuel components. The feedstock is contacted with a regenerablesorbent material capable of selectively adsorbing the sulfurcompounds present in the hydrocarbon feedstock in the absence of ahydrodesulfurization catalyst. In one embodiment, the sorbent canbe an active metal oxide sulfur sorbent in combination with arefractory inorganic oxide cracking catalyst support. In anotherembodiment, the sorbent can be a metal-substituted refractoryinorganic oxide cracking catalyst wherein the metal is a metalwhich is capable in its oxide form, of adsorption of reduced sulfurcompounds by conversion of the metal oxide to a metal sulfide. Theprocesses are preferably carried out in a transport bedreactor.


Gupta, R., & Turk, B. (2007). IPC No. U.S. Process for desulfurizing hydrocarbon fuels and fuel components. (Patent No. 7291259).