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Preliminary results with the Clarion cochlear implant

A new cochlear implant has become available. This device, called the Clarion Multichannel Cochlear Implant, is the result of collaborative efforts between the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), the Research Triangle Institute (RTI), Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and the device manufacturer and sponsor, MiniMed Technologies of Sylmar, California. The Clarion represents a new generation of multi-programmable cochlear implant systems. Options in waveform, the stimulation mode, and the temporal distribution of the signal permit the device to be optimally customized for each individual patient. The speech coding scheme offering the greatest opportunity for speech recognition can be selected. The first Clarion recipient has recently been implanted at UCSF, initiating the Clarion's investigational clinical trials. A description of the device and preliminary patient results are presented


Schindler, RA., & Kessler, DK. (1992). Preliminary results with the Clarion cochlear implant. Laryngoscope, 102(9), 1006-1013.