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A practical guide to trial burns for hazardous waste incinerators

This guide concentrates on those aspects of a trial burn that are the most important and those that are potentially troublesome. It contains practical explanations based on experience of Midwest Research Institute (MRI) and others in conducting trial burns and related tests for EPA. Comments of several industrial plant owners and operators are included in the Guide. It is directed mainly to incinerator operators, those who may conduct the actual sampling and analysis and those who must interpret trial burn results, but it will also be useful for regulatory personnel and others who need to understand trial burns. Potential trouble spots that have been encountered are: (1) trial burns frequently take more time and effort than an operator anticipates and (2) failure to meet the trial burn requirements. This project summary was developed byEPA`s Hazardous Waste Engineering Research Laboratory, Cincinnati, OH, to announce key findings of the research project that is fully documented in a separate report of the same title (see project report ordering information in box).


Gorman, P., Hathaway, R., Wallace, D., & Trenholm, A. (1987). A practical guide to trial burns for hazardous waste incinerators. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 37(1), 66-67.