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Plasma treatment apparatus

A method and apparatus for generating plasmas adapted forchemical vapor deposition, etching and other operations, and inparticular to the deposition of large-area diamond films, wherein achamber defined by sidewalls surrounding a longitudinal axis isencircled by an axially-extending array of current-carryingconductors that are substantially transverse to the longitudinalaxis of the chamber, and a gaseous material is provided in thechamber. A high-frequency current is produced in the conductors tomagnetically induce ionization of the gaseous material in thechamber and form a plasma sheath that surrounds and extends alongthe longitudinal axis and conforms to the sidewalls of the chamber.A work surface extending in the direction of the longitudinal axisof the chamber is positioned adjacent a sidewall, exposed to theplasma sheath and treated by the plasma. Preferably, the ratio ofthe width to the height of the chamber is 10:1 or larger so thatthe chamber includes a large area planar surface adjacent theplasma sheath and adjacent to which a large area substrate or aplurality of substrates is arranged, whereby large area treatment,such as diamond deposition, can be performed.


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