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PHIT for duty, a mobile approach for psychological health intervention

The goal of this effort is to support prevention of psychological health problems through innovation in mobile personal health assessment and self-help intervention (SHI). For the U.S. military, we are developing and evaluating a field-deployable personalized application, PHIT for Duty<sup>TM</sup>, to help build resilience in healthy troops and support prevention in high-risk personnel. PHIT for Duty is delivered using any smartphone or tablet with optional nonintrusive physiological and behavioral sensors for health status monitoring. The application integrates a suite of health assessments with an intelligent advisor that recommends, tailors, and presents self-help advisories. PHIT for Duty is intended for secondary prevention of psychological health problems in persons who have been exposed to psychological trauma and may be showing some symptoms of distress, but have not been diagnosed with any psychological disease or disorder


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