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Gove, A. (2009). Panel: The early grade reading assessment (EGRA). Speaker remarks at symposium March 30, 2009, Washington, DC. In W. G. Brozo, & E. G. Sturtevant (Eds.), Beyond Access: Effective Reading for All (pp. 13-14). Washington, DC: International Reading Association.


On March 30, 2009, three organizations that have been leaders for international literacy improvement collaborated in sponsoring a symposium (Beyond Access: Effective Reading for All) in Washington, DC, at the Carnegie Institute for International Peace. The sponsors included the International Reading Association, the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International, and Plan USA/Plan International. At this symposium, researchers, program developers, and members of many international and research organizations shared their experiences, wisdom, and questions. Well-known literacy experts and representatives from key development organizations reported on research as well as successful practices. Dr. Gove, a senior education researcher at RTI, spoke about the development of the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA), its implications for instruction and remediation, and the next steps in reaching the goal of Effective Reading for All.