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Pain Management Testing Reference

The Pain Management Testing Reference is divided into six separate sections:
- A brief introduction to the practice of the distinct field of pain management
- The testing associated with the practice of pain management and the rationale behind a pain management profile.
- Individual descriptions of each drug involved in pain management testing, including antidepressants, drugs for mild to moderate pain, and drugs for migraine
- Appendices that include pain management forms, abbreviations, and a glossary of terms
- References
- Index

The Pain Management Testing Reference is intended for those who engage in the clinical practice of pain management (e.g., physicians and nurses) and laboratorians who are involved in the support of pain management clinics, primarily through urine drug testing. The book also will be useful for clinical chemists, pathologists, technologists, and practicing physicians who wish to develop their services in the area of pain management or expand their knowledge of an increasing, new field of medicine.


White, R., & Black, ML. (2007). Pain Management Testing Reference. Washington, DC: AACC Press.