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Non-aqueous solvent (NAS) CO2 capture process

The Non-Aqueous Solvent (NAS) CO2 Capture Process is being developed as an advanced, next-generation post-combustion capture technology for CO2 removal from power generation and industrial flue gas streams. The core of the NAS process has been the development of a family of CO2-selective NASs that have the potential to substantially reduce the thermal regeneration energy demand associated with solvent regeneration to ? 2,000 kJt/kg of CO2 captured. This paper discusses our rationale for selecting a NAS platform and provides results from the physical and thermodynamic characterization of the NASs, lab-scale testing results, and an update on our efforts to address specific process design challenges related to NAS processes for evaluation of the NAS CO2 capture process at the (large) bench-scale.


Lail, M., Tanthana, J., & Coleman, L. (2014). Non-aqueous solvent (NAS) CO2 capture process. Energy Procedia, 63, 580-594. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.egypro.2014.11.063