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Next steps: envisioning a research agenda

The topic of diagnostic error is a relatively new one in the academic arena and lacks an organized research agenda. Participants at 'Diagnostic Error in Medicine 2008' formally considered this issue and provided initial suggestions. Recommendations were made to standardize taxonomies and definitions, especially in regard to what constitutes a delay in diagnosis. Error discovery needs emphasis, especially with autopsies becoming a rarity. Developing standardized tools to study diagnostic error in laboratory-like conditions was viewed as a top priority. Many issues were reviewed in regard to error generation (what conditions are error-prone, what is the role of the clinicians expertise, etc.), and error reduction. These included both system-level and cognitive interventions, with specific suggestions for each dimension


Graber, M. (2009). Next steps: envisioning a research agenda. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 14, 107-112. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10459-009-9183-1

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