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Nebulizer delivery of oligosaccharide solution aerosols

Oligosaccharides may be employed to inhibit lung infections. Since these molecules are water soluble they may be administered directly to the lungs as aerosol droplets delivered by nebulizer. Two oligosaccharides, 3'-sialyllactose and lacto-N-neotetraose, were prepared as 1% w/v solutions and delivered using each of two nebulizers, the Acorn II or Aerotech II. The output characteristics of these nebulizers were characterized in terms of total mass output (208-253 mu g/mL), mass median aerodynamic diameter (0.6-11 mu m), fine particle fraction (83-95%) and ACGIH respirable fraction (72-86%). The nebulizer output was also evaluated following administration via a ventilator unit employed to administer aerosols to animals. The ventilator was employed in preliminary experiments to deliver aerosols to rabbits in preparation for subsequent experiments in which oligosaccharide administration to an animal model of infection may be studied


Hickey, A., Lalor, CB., Fu, DT., & Zopf, D. (1997). Nebulizer delivery of oligosaccharide solution aerosols. Particulate Science and Technology, 15(3-4, Special Issue 1), 203-216. https://doi.org/10.1080/02726359708906768

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