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Modeling excessive nutrient loading in the environment

Models addressing excessive nutrient loading in the environment originated over 50 years ago with the simple nutrient concentration thresholds proposed by Sawyer (1947. Fertilization of lakes by agricultural and urban drainage. New Engl. Water Works Assoc. 61, 109-127). Since then, models have improved due to progress in modeling techniques and technology as well as enhancements in scientific knowledge. Several of these advances are examined here. Among the recent approaches in modeling techniques we review are error propagation, model confirmation, generalized sensitivity analysis, and Bayesian analysis. In the scientific arena and process characterization, we focus on advances in surface water modeling, discussing enhanced modeling of organic carbon, improved hydrodynamics, and refined characterization of sediment diagenesis. We conclude with some observations on future needs and anticipated developments. (C) 1999 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved


Reckhow, K., & Chapra, SC. (1999). Modeling excessive nutrient loading in the environment. Environmental Pollution, 100(1-3), 197-207.