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Methods for controlling invertebrate pests using cocaine receptor binding ligands

The invention relates to a method of controlling an invertebratepest, comprising contacting the pest with a pest-controlling amountof an agent having substantial inhibitory activity toward aphenylethanolamine reuptake transporter as determined byradioactive octopamine reuptake inhibition assay is disclosed.Compositions comprising compounds capable of inhibiting theoctopamine reuptake transporter include cocaine analogs. A processfor inhibiting the feeding of an invertebrate pest comprisingcontacting said pest with a pest-controlling amount of an agenthaving substantial inhibitory activity toward a phenylethanolaminereuptake transporter as determined by radioactive octopaminereuptake inhibition assay, with the proviso that said agent is notcocaine. A process for delaying the maturation of a juvenileinvertebrate by contacting it with an inhibitory amount of aphenylethanolamine reuptake transporter blocker is also disclosed.A radioactive phenylethanolamine reuptake inhibition assay fordetermining whether a given compound is an inhibitor of octopamineneuronal transport is also disclosed.


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