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Metal sulfide initiators for metal oxide sorbent regeneration

A process of regenerating a sulfided sorbent is provided.According to the process of the invention, a substantial portion ofthe energy necessary to initiate the regeneration reaction isprovided by the combustion of a particulate metal sulfide additive.In using the particulate metal sulfide additive, theoxygen-containing gas used to regenerate the sulfided sorbent canbe fed to the regeneration zone without heating or at a lowertemperature than used in conventional processes wherein theregeneration reaction is initiated only by heating theoxygen-containing gas. The particulate metal sulfide additive ispreferably an inexpensive mineral ore such as iron pyrite whichdoes not adversely affect the regeneration or correspondingdesulfurization reactions. The invention further includes a sorbentcomposition comprising the particulate metal sulfide additive inadmixture with an active metal oxide sorbent capable of removingone or more sulfur compounds from a sulfur-containing gasstream.


Turk, B., & Gupta, R. (2001). IPC No. U.S. Metal sulfide initiators for metal oxide sorbent regeneration. (Patent No. 6306793).