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Measurement of Particle Emissions from Clean Room Gas-Handling Components


Periasamy, R., Ensor, D., Donovan, R., Clayton, A., & Riddle, J. (1994). Measurement of Particle Emissions from Clean Room Gas-Handling Components. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 141(6), 1649-1653.


Particle emissions from clean room gas-handling components were measured by following a test method developed recently by SEMATECH. Three types of tests, namely, the static, the dynamic, and the impact tests were conducted to determine particle emissions from the components tested. Particles emitted by the components such as valves, point-of-use filters and inline pressure regulators were measured using a condensation nucleus particle counter. The number of particles emitted by the valve was influenced by the actuator pressure used to open and close the test valve. That is, the higher the actuator pressure the higher the number of particles released from the automatic valve. Particle contributions measured from valves, filters, and regulators are presented here