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Marital Timing: Race and Sex Comparisons

In this paper, we explore the determinants of marital timing for males and females, separately by race, using a sequential model and data from the National Longitudinal Study of the High School Class of 1972. Results indicate that background factors are relatively unimportant in determining directly when marriage will occur. Rather, events and circumstances that are more current are the determining factors as to whether a marriage will occur. In addition, the factors important in determining marital timing vary systematically according to sex and race. The models for blacks are distinct in that few measured predictors of marital timing show consistently significant effects, contrary to the case for whites. This suggests a much different marriage market for each of the races


Teachman, JD., Polonko, KA., & Leigh, GK. (1987). Marital Timing: Race and Sex Comparisons. Social Forces, 66(1), 239-268.