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Marginal abatement cost curves for US black carbon emissions

There has been increasing recognition of the important role that aerosols such as black carbon (BC) play in influencing net climate forcing, in particular the high rates of warming in the Arctic, and there is significant interest in reducing BC emissions. In order to assess mitigation options, there is a need for a better understanding of how current air quality policies designed for particulate matter reductions affect BC emissions and for the development of improved BC specific marginal abatement cost (MAC) curves. Using data from the United States (US), we assess the effects of existing air quality regulations on projected BC emissions (diesel fuel regulations in particular are already having significant effects). We also identify key US-specific abatement strategies and present MAC curves for further reducing BC emissions from two key US sources. This analysis may serve to inform similar research on BC mitigation in other regions and sectors.


Sarofim, MC., DeAngelo, BJ., Beach, R., Weitz, K., Bahner, M., & Zapata Figueroa, A. (2010). Marginal abatement cost curves for US black carbon emissions. Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, 7(Suppl. 1), 279-288. https://doi.org/10.1080/19438151003774455

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