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Logic models as a tool for sexual violence prevention program development

Sexual violence is a growing public health problem, and there is an urgent need to develop sexual violence prevention programs. Logic models have emerged as a vital tool in program development. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded an empowerment evaluation designed to work with programs focused on the prevention of first-time male perpetration of sexual violence, and it included as one of its goals, the development of program logic models. Two case studies are presented that describe how significant positive changes can be made to programs as a result of their developing logic models that accurately describe desired outcomes. The first case study describes how the logic model development process made an organization aware of the importance of a program's environmental context for program success; the second case study demonstrates how developing a program logic model can elucidate gaps in organizational programming and suggest ways to close those gaps


Hawkins, SR., Clinton-Sherrod, A., Irvin, N., Hart, L., & Russell, SJ. (2009). Logic models as a tool for sexual violence prevention program development. Health Promotion Practice, 10(1 Suppl), 29S-37S.