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The Log-Zero-Poisson Distribution

This paper takes off where the paper by Katti [1966] ended. In the 1966 paper, Katti used a criterion for flexibility and showed that there is a distribution called the log-zero-Poisson distribution (l.z.P.) which has more flexibility than each of the other distributions studied in that paper, including the negative binomial, the Neyman type A, and the Poisson binomial distributions. In this paper, the l.z.P. is fitted to the 35 sets of data given in Martin and Katti [1965] and the fits are compared with the fits given by the other well-known distributions. Some basic properties of the distribution are also discussed


Katti, S. K., & Rao, A. V. (1970). The Log-Zero-Poisson Distribution. Biometrics, 26(4), 801-813.