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Line plasma vapor phase deposition apparatus and method

A line plasma source (20) comprises a plasma chamber (30)configured so that plasma (32) is situated remotely and on-edgewith respect to a polycrystalline silicon surface (20S) to betreated, thereby preventing damage to the surface, facilitatingtreatment of large substrates, and permitting low temperatureoperation. Active species exit the plasma chamber through a longnarrow ("line") outlet aperture (36) in the plasma chamber to areaction zone (W) whereat the active species react with a reactiongas on the polycrystalline silicon surface (e.g., to form adeposited thin film). The polycrystalline silicon surface is heatedto a low temperature below 6000.degree. C. Hydrogen is removed fromthe reactive surface in the low temperature line plasma source by achemical displacement reaction facilitated by choice of dominantactive species (singlet delta state of molecular oxygen). Reactionby-products including hydrogen are removed by an exhaust system(100) comprising long narrow exhaust inlet apertures (114L,114R)extending adjacent and parallel to the outlet aperture of theplasma chamber. An ionizing electric field is coupled to the plasmaacross a smallest dimension of the plasma, resulting in uniformproduction of active species and accordingly uniform quality of thethin film. The polycrystalline silicon surface to be treated istranslated with respect to the plasma line source in a directionperpendicular to the outlet aperture of the plasma line source forintegrating thin film quality in the direction of translation(22).


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