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IV. Multiple Sexual Partners Among Young Adults in High-Risk Cities

Among a sample of 1,334 urban heterosexuals aged 18-25 from the 1990-1991 National AIDS Behavioral Surveys, 24% report having had more than one sexual partner during the past year. Young men are more than twice as likely as young women, and unmarried respondents are eight times as likely as married respondents, to have multiple partners. A multiple regression analysis of the interaction between race or ethnicity and education indicates that among whites, young people with 12 or more years of education are four times as likely to have multiple partners as are those with less than a high school education; among Hispanics and blacks, educational level is not related to having more than one partner. Among those with multiple partners, approximately 40% never use condoms with primary or secondary partners, and condom use decreases with increasing number of partners


Binson, D., Dolcini, MM., Pollack, LM., & Catania, JA. (1993). IV. Multiple Sexual Partners Among Young Adults in High-Risk Cities. Family Planning Perspectives, 25(6), 268-272.