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Intrusion tolerant server system

The invention relates to a reconfigurable scalableintrusion-tolerant network that is interposed between a servicerequesting client and a protected server to minimize the impact ofintrusive events. The apparatus may include a proxy server forreceiving the requests from a client and forwarding them to aprotected server. Acceptance monitors receive the response from aprotected server and apply one or more acceptance tests. A ballotmonitor receives the result of the acceptance tests and determinesa response to the client. The network may also include an intrusionsensor to detect threats to the network and a reconfigurer to alterthe network forwarding scheme. Reconfiguration may includeisolating network elements, creating parallel paths, implementingredundant operations, or assessing the validity of responses.


Gong, F., Sargor, C., & Wang, F. (2006). IPC No. U.S.Intrusion tolerant server system (Patent No. 7076801.)