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Injecting drug users who want treatment

This study examined characteristics of injecting drug users (IDUs) who want treatment and the features that differentiate them from IDUs who do not want treatment. Data were collected as part of a community-based HIV prevention project in San Antonio, Texas. Interviews were administered to 1,100 IDUs between February 1993 and May 1995. Interview topics included sociodemographics, drug use history, current drug use, treatment history, injection-related HIV risk behavior, sexual behavior, and previous contact related to HIV prevention. Multiple logistic regression analysis identified four factors independently associated with wanting treatment in the multivariate model. These were: (1) 30 or more injections per month; (2) being eligible for methadone maintenance; (3) 2 or more previous treatment admissions; and (4) being recruited after the first year of the project. Implications of these findings are discussed


Zule, W., Desmond, DP., & Vogtsberger, KN. (1997). Injecting drug users who want treatment. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 23(4), 507-522.