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Infrared spectroscopy of the HCN-(HF)2 ternary complex

The opto-thermal detection method has been used to obtain the first gas-phase infrared spectrum of the non-linear HCN-(HF)2 complex. Rotational constants in the ground and vibrationally excited states have been determined, as well as the band origin and vibrational predissociation lifetime. The experimental spectrum is a direct result of the excitation of the C-H stretching vibration in the complex. Two other featureless vibrational bands have been observed which are tentatively assigned to the HF stretches in this complex.


Dayton, D., & Miller, R. E. (1989). Infrared spectroscopy of the HCN-(HF)2 ternary complex. Chemical Physics Letters, 156(6), 578-584. DOI: 10.1016/S0009-2614(89)87235-5