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Incorporating mobile phone technologies to expand evidence-based care

Ownership of mobile phones is on the rise, a trend in uptake that transcends age, region, race, and ethnicity, as well as income. It is precisely the emerging ubiquity of mobile phones that has sparked enthusiasm regarding their capacity to increase the reach and impact of health care, including mental health care. Community-based clinicians charged with transporting evidence-based interventions beyond research and training clinics are in turn, ideally and uniquely situated to capitalize on mobile phone uptake and functionality to bridge the efficacy to effectiveness gap. As such, this article delineates key considerations to guide these frontline clinicians in mobile phone-enhanced clinical practice, including an overview of industry data on the uptake of and evolution in the functionality of mobile phone platforms, conceptual considerations relevant to the integration of mobile phones into practice, representative empirical illustrations of mobile-phone enhanced assessment and treatment, and practical considerations relevant to ensuring the feasibility and sustainability of such an approach.


Jones, DJ., Anton, M., Gonzalez, M., Honeycutt, A., Khavjou, O., Forehand, R., & Parent, J. (2015). Incorporating mobile phone technologies to expand evidence-based care. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, 22(3), 281-290. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cbpra.2014.06.002