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Improving school-justice partnerships Lessons learned from the Safe Schools/ Healthy Students Initiative

Schools alone do not have the capacity to plan and implement the wide range of interventions needed to ensure a safe school environment for students. A collaborative approach among education and other community systems can best address the intersecting factors that contribute to antisocial behaviors. The Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative, launched in 1999, is a comprehensive approach to help ensure children feel safe in their schools. This article elaborates on efforts by grantees and their partners to improve coordination and service integration with an emphasis on the successful reintegration of students into schools.

Coordination and integration of programs and activities provided by community stakeholders are critical to improve youth outcomes.
This article highlights efforts by communities to provide a more supportive school environment to address issues of safety and student well-being.
Comprehensive efforts contribute to minimizing duplication of services, preserving scarce resources and better identifying and serving students at risk for or already affected by violence, substance use, and mental health issues.


Rollison, J., Banks, D., Martin, A., Owens, C., Thomas, N., Dressler, K., & Wells, M. (2013). Improving school-justice partnerships: Lessons learned from the Safe Schools/ Healthy Students Initiative. Family Court Review, 51(3), 445 - 451.