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Improving foodborne illness prevention among transplant recipients

The U.S. Department of Agriculture developed a food safety brochure to educate transplant recipients and their caregivers about the risk of contracting foodborne illnesses and safe food-handling prevention practices. Qualitative research was conducted with transplant recipients and caregivers to collect information on participants' food safety concerns, knowledge, and practices; changes in food safety knowledge and practices after receiving the food safety brochure; preferred communication channels and dissemination strategies for delivering the brochure; and evaluation of the brochure. Many participants received food safety information from a health care provider, but the content and format varied by institution. Most participants are not following recommended practices to cook and chill food safely, and many participants consume high-risk foods associated with foodborne illnesses. After reading the brochure, many participants made or plan to make at least one food safety recommendation. The research findings were used to refine the brochure before nationwide distribution


Kosa, K., Cates, S., Adams-King, J., & O'Brien, B. (2011). Improving foodborne illness prevention among transplant recipients. Health Promotion Practice, 12(2), 235-243.