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Impact of Medicare Managed Care Market Withdrawal on Beneficiaries

The 2001 Survey of Involuntary Disenrollees was conducted to investigate the impact ofMedicare+Choice (M+C) plan withdrawals on Medicare beneficiaries. Eighty-four percentof a total of 4,732 beneficiaries whose Medicare managed care (MMC) planstopped serving them at the end of 2000
responded to the survey. Their responses
indicated that the withdrawal of plans from
Medicare affected beneficiaries in terms of
concerns about getting and paying for care,
increased payments for premiums and outof-
pocket costs, and changes in health care
arrangements. Of particular concern were
the impacts on those in vulnerable subgroups
such as the disabled, less educated,
and minorities.


Booske, B., Lynch, J., & Riley, G. (2002). Impact of Medicare Managed Care Market Withdrawal on Beneficiaries. Health Care Financing Review, 24(1), 95-115.