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Image projection device and associated method

An image projection device adapted to project an image on a remotely disposed display is provided. The image projection device comprises a plurality of image elements, each image element being configured to emit an image portion therefrom. The image portions are directed through a projection lens, configured to cooperate with the image elements, and projected onto the remote display. A plurality of fiber-optic elements, corresponding to the plurality of image elements, is disposed between the image elements and the projection lens. Each fiber-optic element is configured to have a light-emitting end, toward the projection lens, tapering to a light-receiving end toward the corresponding image element. The fiber-optic element is thereby configured to receive the image portion from the image element at the light-receiving end and to expand the image portion before emitting the expanded image portion from the light-emitting end. The light-emitting ends of the fiber-optic elements are contiguously arranged so as to combine the image portions into a contiguous display image, wherein the contiguous display image is then directed through the projection lens so as to be projected onto the remote display. An associated method is also provided.


Lamvik, M. (2003). IPC No. U.S. Image projection device and associated method. (Patent No. 6520649).