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Highly Polarized Green Light Emitting Diode in m-Axis GaInN/GaN

Linearly polarized light emission is analyzed in nonpolar light-emitting diodes (LEDs) covering the blue to green spectral range. In photoluminescence, m-plane GaInN/GaN structures reach a polarization ratio from 0.70 at 460nm to 0.89 at 515nm peak wavelength. For a-plane structures, the polarization ratio is 0.53 at 400nm and 0.60 at 480-510 nm. In electroluminescence the polarization ratio is 0.77 at 505nm in 350 x 350 mu m(2) m-plane devices at 20 mA. Such a device should allow 44% power saving compared with nonpolarized c-plane LEDs combined with a polarizing filter, as commonly used in LED-backlit liquid crystal displays. (C) 2010 The Japan Society of Applied Physics


You, S., Detchprohm, T., Zhu, M., Hou, W., Preble, E. A., Hanser, D., ... Wetzel, C. (2010). Highly Polarized Green Light Emitting Diode in m-Axis GaInN/GaN. Applied Physics Express, 3(10), [102103]. https://doi.org/10.1143/APEX.3.102103

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