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Hair dye use and multiple myeloma in white men

In recent reports, multiple myeloma has been linked to use of hair coloring products containing mutagenic and carcinogenic chemicals. A population-based case-control study in Iowa of 173 White men with multiple myeloma and 650 controls obtained information on hair dye use. Risk of multiple myeloma was significantly elevated (OR = 1.9) among hair dye users and was greatest among those using hair dyes at least once a month for a year or more (OR = 4.3). These data, along with results from other studies, suggest that use of hair dyes contributes to the development of multiple myeloma.


Brown, L. M., Everett, G. D., Burmeister, L. F., & Blair, A. (1992). Hair dye use and multiple myeloma in white men. American Journal of Public Health, 82(12), 1673-4.