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Girls who discovered STEM Karen M. Davis: Technology executive

"Her STEM Career" is much more than just a non-fiction memoir piece. It's an educational tool to be used to help encourage, guide and even pave the way for young women to enter into STEM careers. The STEM women included in this book are part of a global community that actively supports other STEM women, while inspiring the next generation of female scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. Each story is told from the first-person point of view of a STEM woman; they provide vivid details of their early forays into STEM, their unique educations at colleges across the US and their current careers. In addition to the reader catching an exclusive glimpse into the lives of 51 extraordinary women, they will also have an opportunity to connect with them. "Her STEM Career" covers a broad and unique range of occupations such as a Medical Illustrator or Weed Scientist, as well as the many divergent paths these women have taken in order to complete their journeys. These are real, relatable, revolutionary women who have already and will continue to accomplish and achieve within the STEM industry. And they are here to tell their fascinating stories to the next generation of amazing young women.


Davis, K. M. (2018). Girls who discovered STEM: Karen M. Davis: Technology executive. In D. Propsner (Ed.), Her STEM career: Adventures of 51 remarkable women (1st ed., pp. 117-120). (Book One). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.