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The Gdb(Tm) Human Genome Data-Base Anno 1993

Version 5.0 of the Genome Data Base (GDB(TM)) was released in March 1993. This document describes some of the significant changes to the types of data which are stored within the GDB. In addition to handling a wider scope of data, the GDB 5.0 application software now supports the X-Windows protocol. Although the GDB software still remains the most widely utilized method for accessing the data, alternate methods of access are now available, including direct SOL (Structured Query Language) queries, FTP (Internet File Transfer Protocol), WAIS (Wide Area Information Server), and other tools produced by third-party developers


Cuticchia, A., Fasman, K. H., Kingsbury, D. T., Robbins, R. J., & Pearson, P. L. (1993). The Gdb(Tm) Human Genome Data-Base Anno 1993. Nucleic Acids Research, 21(13), 3003-3006.