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Fused ring heterocycles as potassium channel modulators

Compounds, compositions and methods are provided which are useful in the treatment of diseases through the modulation of potassium ion flux through voltage-dependent potassium channels. More particularly, the invention provides quinazolinone, compositions and methods that are useful in the treatment of central or peripheral nervous system disorders (e.g., migraine, ataxia, Parkinson's disease, bipolar disorders, trigeminal neuralgia, spasticity, mood disorders, brain tumors, psychotic disorders, myokymia, seizures, epilepsy, hearing and vision loss, Alzheimer's disease, age-related memory loss, learning deficiencies, anxiety and motor neuron diseases, maintaining bladder control or treating urinary incontinence) and as neuroprotective agents (e.g., to prevent stroke and the like) by modulating potassium channels associated with the onset or recurrence of the indicated conditions.


McNaughton-Smith, GA., Amato, GS., & Thomas, J. (2007). IPC No. U.S. Fused ring heterocycles as potassium channel modulators. (Patent No. 7223768).