• Scholarly report

The employer potential of MOOCs A survey of human resource professionals' thinking on MOOCs

Between November 15, 2013 and January 23, 2014, RTI International, in partnership with Duke University, conducted an online survey of 398 employers in North Carolina on their knowledge about and experiences with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Human resources staff from 103 organizations (26 percent) representing an array of industries answered the four questions in the survey. We also conducted follow-up phone interviews with a subset of 20 survey respondents to get more detailed information. Though a majority of employers had not yet heard of MOOCs at the time of the survey, once they had read a description, most were highly receptive to the potential use of MOOCs in recruiting and hiring decisions, and were especially positive about the role MOOCs could play in professional development training.


Radford, A., Robles, J., Cataylo, S., Horn, L., Thornton, J., & Whitfield, K. (2014). The employer potential of MOOCs: A survey of human resource professionals' thinking on MOOCs. Durham, NC and Research Triangle Park, NC: Duke University and RTI International.