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Electrospinning in a controlled gaseous environment

Apparatus and method for producing fibrous materials in whichthe apparatus includes an extrusion element configured toelectrospin a substance from which the fibers are to be composed byan electric field extraction of the substance from a tip of theextrusion element, a collector disposed from the extrusion elementand configured to collect the fibers, a chamber enclosing thecollector and the extrusion element, and a control mechanismconfigured to control a gaseous environment in which the fibers areto be electrospun. The method includes providing a substance fromwhich the fibers are to be composed to a tip of an extrusionelement, applying an electric field to the extrusion element in adirection of the tip, controlling a gaseous environment about wherethe fibers are to be electrospun, and electrospinning the substancefrom the tip of the extrusion element by an electric fieldextraction of the substance from the tip into the controlledgaseous environment.


Andrady, A., & Ensor, D. (2007). IPC No. U.S.Electrospinning in a controlled gaseous environment (Patent No. 7297305.)